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ELECTROCHEMY TV has come a long, long way.
How did it get here? Read on!


ELECTROCHEMY TV is a unique vision of Electronic music and its culture that includes socio-political commentary in the form of mini or micro documentaries that resonates. It also celebrates the Cyber-Gothic-Fetish phenomenon by including spectacular models within. If you are interested into making Electronic music the transparent gear reviews will put you straight. And there’s a workshop for web and graphic design. ELECTROCHEMY TV is one great inspirational package.

Al McDonald got the idea from watching the ‘Day The Earth Stood Still’ remake. ‘Electro’ pertains to all things Electronic music and ‘Chemy’ is the chemical effects on the brain from listening to music.

‘ELECTROCHEMY’ came out of the ashes of Blip-Bop that collapsed for a number of reasons that turned out to be a blessing as ELECTROCHEMY TV has turned out to be a great success that keeps growing and getting better.